Prepare in Advance for a Hospital Visit

At some point or another, people with Parkinson’s may end up needing to go to a hospital. Save time and worry by preparing an emergency hospital bag in advance.

What to Bring

  • a current list of all of your medications for Parkinson’s and other conditions and your schedule (dosage and timing) for taking them
  • actual medications in their original containers and instructions about how you take them — for example, with water, with or without food, a list of phone numbers for your doctors, family members and friends
  • a list of your particular PD symptoms and any activities with which you need help (for example, dressing or turning over in bed)
  • if you are participating in a clinical trial, bring information describing it
  • a list of your allergies
  • a letter from your doctor saying that you can take your own PD medications if hospitalized
  • a letter from your doctor listing the medications that should NOT be taken by a person with PD
  • copies of legal documents, including your health care proxy and living will
  • if you’ve had DBS, information about your device (call Medtronic Patient Services at 800-510-6735)