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SpineX Clinical Study for Patients with Spinal Cord injury

Looking for Study Participants with SpineX

We are looking for 8-10 participants in San Diego and 4-6 participants in Orange County and LA.

Transcutaneous Electrical Spinal Cord Neuromodulation (TESCoN) Improves Hand and Arm Function after Spinal Cord Injury SpineX Inc. is a medical device company developing Non-Surgical Neuromodulation devices, leveraging cutting-edge research from the lab of Dr. V Reggie Edgerton, PhD at UCLA.

We are recruiting patients who have sustained a Spinal cord injury to participate in a clinical study to demonstrate improvement in hand function using our TESCoN device. If you meet the following criteria, and are interested in the study, please contact us at parag@spinex.com.

1) At least one year post spinal cord injury

2) Spinal cord injury at C5 or below

3) Classified as AISA A-D (Complete and Incomplete)

4) Able to commit to participate for up to 3 months

4) Not dependent on ventilation support;

5) Must not have received botox injections in the prior six months