Live your best life with Parkinson’s

While a Parkinson’s diagnosis can be a challenging event in one’s life, there are many steps you might take to maintain your quality of life. Allowing yourself time to experience emotions, such as anxiety, anger, bargaining, denial and sadness, is important as you adjust to your new journey.   Sharing your diagnosis with loved ones and friends can be imposing, but may well provide you with a sense of relief.

Empowering yourself with medically evidenced based information, resisting the urge to isolate while choosing to maintain and expand socialization, maintaining a positive attitude, and becoming involved in exercise program(s) are some of the many tools that will be helpful as you navigate your journey and strive to maintain your quality of life.

Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) exists to assist you and your loved ones. We provide medically evidenced based information, classes and symposia about Parkinson’s; offer support through our mentor program and support groups; and provide information regarding provision of best practice medical care through the movement disorder specialists in our community.    Connecting with others in the Parkinson’s community can help you understand what you and your loved ones are experiencing and can provide new avenues of hope, information and support that can help you on this journey.

Parkinson’s Association of San Diego

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