Parkinson’s Association Virtual Walk Sponsors

Parkinson’s Association Virtual Walk Sponsors

The Parkinson’s Association Virtual Walk Sponsors

Our sponsors make it all possible. Here’s the fine print:

Our event sponsors make generous contributions to underwrite our Virtual Walk expenses. We invite them to submit an information page for distribution to you.  We believe it is valuable for you to be made aware of medications and treatments that might help in the battle against Parkinson’s. We recommend that you thoroughly research any new products you are considering, and work closely with your Movement Disorder Specialist neurologist regarding changes in your treatment. Parkinson’s Association of San Diego does not provide medical advice.  We do not endorse any specific medication or treatment modality.  Please see our website Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for further details.


At Supernus, we hold a fundamental belief that our science has the potential to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD).
Our commitment to people with Parkinson’s and their care partners is reflected in all that we do. Our pipeline of development projects, along with our three currently available PD treatments, reflect our resolve to bring innovative solutions to the Parkinson’s community.
To learn more about our available PD therapies visit:

THE ONLY THERAPY we know of that can actually slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease is EXERCISE. Coach Me Strong gets you moving and gives you an accountability partner – your coach – to work with every day to help you be stronger and more powerful.



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Thank You To All Our Sponsors and Partners

Videos from Past [Real] Walks

1-minute video from the 2019 walk.

1- minute video from the 2018 walk.