Exercise: Neuro Shadowboxing, Carlsbad

Tri- City Wellness Center

Mondays at 2:30 pm

Neuro Shadowboxing – Carlsbad

Medical Integration (Mi) Neuro: Parkinson’s Disease implements evidence-based medical exercise to help those with Parkinson’s through specialized fitness programs. These classes work on increasing core strength, coordination, and balance as well as forcing the brain to make neural connections through puzzles and word games solved during the exercise. The recumbent bike is also utilized before or after class for the forced cadence it provides; research shows using a recumbent bike and maintaining an RPM (reps per minuet) between 60-90 decreases the effects of Parkinson’s in the walking gait. The goal of Mi Neuro is to utilize exercise as a means to help improve brain function and quality of life as well as slow the progression of Parkinson’s.

Mi Neuro Shadowboxing: This is a high-energy class designed for members looking to sweat. Trainer Brandon Castillo will take participants through a series of exercises designed to challenge your balance, agility, flexibility, reaction time, and endurance. The movements in this class are based on the program created by Patrick LoSasso, the president of the Los Angeles Parkinson’s Association. Shadowboxing provides all the health benefits of boxing while also being low impact, creating less strain on joints, muscles, and bones. The Shadowboxing class is included, at no additional charge, in the Medical Integration Neuro Membership.

Exercise: Neuro Shadowboxing, Carlsbad
1603, 6250 El Camino Real
Carlsbad CA 92009
United States