AudAbility – a Parkinson’s-specific music therapy workshop

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AudAbility is a 12-week workshop designed for the Parkinson’s Association by certified music therapist Lindsay Zehren. AudAbility involves therapeutic singing and voice exercise focused on mitigating common voice-related problems associated with Parkinson’s, such as speech that is too quiet, monotonic or too slow/too fast, breathy, garbled or slurred.

After you enroll, you will meet with our music therapist to discuss what you hope to get from the program. Lindsay will perform a pre-workshop assessment  where she will record a video of you singing and measure your voice with a decibel meter to establish a baseline.

AudAbility is comprised of intensive therapeutic singing and voice exercise, plus relaxation and mindfulness exercises, pitch-matching and other advanced singing techniques, and the playing of musical instruments.

At the end of 12 weeks, Lindsay will perform a post-workshop progress assessment vis-vis the goals you set for yourself. She will re-record your singing and measure your decibel levels so you can witness and celebrate what we expect to be exciting improvements! Participants in the AudAbility pilot workshop increased voice volume on average by 17.35%!

When you finish AudAbility, you are encouraged to attend AudAbility Graduates, an ongoing complimentary workshop to help you maintain improvements (and friendships!).

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