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Thank You Attendees, Sponsors, and Presenters

On December 1st, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego, in conjunction with its partners and sponsors, held a full day of presentations, education, and exhibits about Parkinson’s disease. Over 300 people attended and evaluations indicate that it was a tremendous success!   Thank you for your support of this event. As follows, here are the videos and powerpoints for each of the day’s speakers.  Thanks to our sponsors, Acadia Pharmaceuticals, AbbVie,  Lundbeck, Medtronic, Silverado and U.S. World Meds.

Foundation of Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Length: 15 minutes 20 seconds

Dr. Dee Silver

A native Iowan, Dr. Dee Silver did his undergraduate work at the University of Northern Iowa in music education. He received his doctorate of medicine degree from the University of Iowa. His main areas of interest are neurodegenerative diseases, especially Parkinson’s disease and atypical Parkinson’s disease, but also Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. He has been Medical Director of the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego since its inception in the early 1980s.

Attitude is Everything: a small talk about a BIG subject

Length: 13 minutes 23 seconds

Sherrie Gould MSN, NP-C

Sherrie Gould is a nurse practitioner who joined the Scripps Clinic Medical Group in 2007 and is actively involved in the DBS and Movement Disorder Center where she works with patients with a variety of movement disorders, and most specifically her passion lies with Parkinson’s disease.  She has led groups of Parkinson’s patients and their families and friends on mountain climbs around the world to raise money for cell replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease and advocates for Parkinson’s in the community.

Parkinson’s: The Importance of Physical Activity and Movement

Length: 23 minutes 42 seconds

Stephanie Lessig, MD

Stephanie Lessig, MD, is a board-certified neurologist with UC San Diego Health and the VA San Diego Healthcare System. She regularly sees people with Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, such as dystonia and ataxia. Dr. Lessig specializes in both deep brain stimulation and the administration of botulinum toxin.

She is involved in both basic research and clinical trials, with a clinical research focus on Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonian disorders.

Sleep Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease

Length: 18 minutes 29 seconds

Melissa Houser, MD

Dr. Houser is the founder and clinical director of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center at Scripps Clinic in San Diego, California. Here, she and her team provide advanced treatment of the movement disorders with a multidisciplinary, integrative and caring approach. She is currently the co-investigator of cell replacement therapy for Parkinson’s Disease that expects to get FDA approval by late 2018.

Voice and Speech in Parkinson’s

Length: 21 minutes 54 seconds

Erin Walsh, MA, CCC-LSP, IBCLC

Erin Walsh, MA, is a speech-language pathologist, singing voice specialist and lactation consultant. She has clinical expertise in managing a wide variety of voice disorders and newborn feeding difficulties, and a special interest in rehabilitating performers and professional voice users. She is a part of the voice and swallowing team within Head and Neck Surgery at UC San Diego Health.

The PD You Don’t See: Cognitive Symptoms

Length: 22 minutes 37 seconds

Joanne Hamilton, PhD

Dr. Hamilton’s clinical and research experience features an emphasis on adult and geriatric populations who are experiencing problems with their thinking or behavior caused by neurological conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, vascular disease (stroke), brain injury, and depression. Dr. Hamilton provides caregiver support to families managing the difficult consequences of dementia and brain injury. She plays an integral role to evaluate cognitive eligibility for deep brain stimulation candidacy with the Scripps Clinic deep brain stimulation team.

AudAbility: Music Therapy for People with Parkinson’s and their Care Partners

Length: 18 minutes 12 seconds

Lindsay Zehren, MT-BC, NMT

Lindsay received her bachelor degree in music education and theater from Saint Mary of the Woods College in Indiana. She taught music at the high school and elementary school levels in Indiana, South Africa, and Jamaica before pursuing her equivalency degree in music therapy from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. She moved to San Diego from Indianapolis to complete her music therapy internship with MusicWorx Inc. and is thrilled to now be a staff music therapist for MusicWorx as well as the special projects coordinator for Resounding Joy, its nonprofit counterpart.

Taking Control of Your Future: The Legal and Financial Aspects of Long Term Care

Length: 18 minutes 27 seconds

Yvonne Amrine

Ms. Amrine graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. She is licensed to practice law in the state of California. The need to make a difference in the lives of others brought her to San Diego and the study of law in 2006 where she attended law school at California Western School of Law. She obtained a concentration in Elder Law focusing her course work on Estate Planning; Community Property; Estate & Gift Tax and Federal Income Taxation.

Introduction to Rock Steady Boxing by John Miller

Length: 11 minutes 43 seconds

John Miller

John Miller is an experienced and RSB certified trainer/coach. Rock Steady Boxing Carlsbad serves both men and women of all ages and levels of ability.

No powerpoint.

The New News in Stem Cell Research by Dr. Andres Bratt-Leal

Length: 19 minutes 55 seconds

Andres Bratt-Leal

Dr. Bratt-Leal received his B.S. from the University of Washington and his Ph.D. from Georgia Tech and Emory University in the field of Biomedical Engineering. His specialty lies in the field of directed differentiation of pluripotent stem cells, including differentiating stem cells towards dopaminergic neurons (the cells which are lost in the progression of Parkinson’s Disease). He joined the Loring lab at The Scripps Research Institute specifically to work on the Parkinson’s project.

Yoga, Meditation, and the Balance of Exercise and Life

Length: 16 minutes 48 seconds

Danica Edelbrock, M.S.

Danica Edelbrock, mom of two, has worked part-time as an exercise physiologist at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine since 2002. In 2005, Danica began the “Keep Moving With Parkinson’s Disease” program at the Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine and has been working with people with PD ever since to improve their overall quality of life!

Integrative Medicine in Parkinson’s Disease

Length: 23 minutes 29 seconds

Robert Alan Bonakdar, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Robert Bonakdar is a member of the Division of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Bonakdar received his medical degree from the University of Nevada School of Medicine and his undergraduate degree in psychobiology from Occidental College in Los Angeles. He received the Richter Fellowship for Independent International Research in the field of Southeast Asian heath practices and studied in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, and Indonesia. He completed a clinical and research fellowship in integrative medicine at Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine in La Jolla and a residency in family practice at the Sharp Grossmont Family Practice Residency Program in San Diego. Board certified by the American Board of Family Practice, Dr. Bonakdar is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Academy of Family Physicians, the California Academy of Family Physicians, the American Holistic Medical Association, and the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture.

Medication on the Horizon by Dr. Nelson Hwynn

Length: 31 minutes 27 seconds

Nelson Hwynn, M.D.

Nelson Hwynn, DO, is a neurologist with Scripps Clinic. He treats a variety of neurological conditions and has subspecialty fellowship training in the area of movement disorders including tremors, Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, Tourette’s syndrome, and ataxia. He has had extensive training in administering botulinum toxin (Botox) injections for disorders such as cervical dystonia, blepharospasm, hemifacial spasm, and spasticity, as well as evaluation and treatment of deep brain stimulation (DBS). Additionally, Dr. Hwynn has subspecialty fellowship training in electromyography and evaluation and treatment of neuromuscular diseases including myasthenia gravis, peripheral nerve and muscle disorders, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Physical Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

Length: 19 minutes 37 seconds

Kathy Grimbsy, M.P.T.

Kathy is board certified in Orthopedic Physical Therapy by the American Physical Therapy Association. She has 25 years of experience in PT including certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy and is one of only two physical therapists in the San Diego County area certified in LSVT BIG physical and occupational therapy.

Kathy has been treating patients with imbalance and vestibular dysfunction for 14 years. She has received a Vestibular Rehabilitation Certification from Emory University under the direction of Susan Herdman, PT, PhD. Her added education in this area made a great impact in caring for her patient’s with dizziness or vertigo, and in implementing fall prevention programs with them.

Many Thanks To Our Sponsors!

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