AudAbility Music Therapy

MusicWorx provides multiple opportunities for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, their families, and Care Partners through AudAbility.  AudAbility is a music therapy protocol that focuses on increasing quality of life, improving speech and breath control, maintaining motor movement, and so much more!

Music therapy services are specifically designed to meet the group’s needs and to support group and individual empowerment, emotional validation, and opportunities for self-expression in a non-threatening and positive environment.

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Available Classes


A singing group for people with Parkinson’s that focuses on maintaining or improving vocal production and lung capacity.


Improve motor movement, build a network of support, and increase quality of life through active music making and mindfulness!


A piano class that uses a revolutionary Yamaha keyboard system and provides new opportunities for expression and wellness.


Participants improve breath support and swallowing while having fun on this unique instrument.


Graduates of Beginning Harmonica continue to progress toward their goals with an emphasis on blues music.

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Class Schedule

2018 Monday Classes

–       Winter Section 1: January 8th – February 12th

–       Winter Section 2: February 19th – March 26th

–       Spring Section 1: April 9th – May 14th

–       Spring Section 2: May 21st – June 25th

–       Summer Section 1: July 9th – August 13th

–       Summer Section 2: August 20th – September 24th

–       Fall Section 1: October 1st – November 5th

–       Fall Section 2: November 12th – December 17th

2018 Wednesday Classes

–       Winter Section: January 10th – March 28th

–       Spring Section: April 11th – June 27th

–       Summer Section: July 11th – September 26th

–       Fall Section: October 3rd – December 19th

(there is a one week break between each of the sections except between Summer and Fall to accommodate for holidays)

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