PASD and Independent Support Group Leaders’ COVID-19 Policy

Dr. Abigail Lawler: “Management of Parkinson’s Disease While Sheltering at Home – The Importance of Telemedicine and Why You MUST Participate”

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Policy prepared by leaders of independent Parkinson’s Support Groups (PSGs) to provide guidance to Support Groups. Policy adopted by PASD BOD on 08/26/2020 as a joint policy for all sponsored activities and Association actions, for consistency in safety procedures for our at-risk population in San Diego County in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD) and independent, community-based Parkinson’s Support Groups (PSGs) intend to suspend in-person meetings and other public gatherings, follow public health recommendations, and implement remote virtual meetings in their place. Only until responsible public health officials lift these isolation measures, and a Food and Drug Administration-approved vaccine is widely promulgated will we meet in person, again. On resumption of in-person meetings for at-risk groups, People with Parkinson’s (PwP), Care Partners (CPs), and all others present are expected/required to be vaccinated against COVID-19.



✔️ Parkinson’s Support Group Leaders are working to reduce social isolation by using video meeting tools such as “Zoom” to conduct regular support group meetings.


✔️ PASD and PSG leaders will reach out to offer assistance to members of our community who are challenged by video technology, thus prevented from participating in remote support groups and other programs.


✔️ PSG leaders will review their policies and recommendations periodically with policy updates to be made as the situation allows. Such proposed updates will be communicated with PASD and group participants for possible revision of this joint policy.



✔️ PASD and PSG leaders seek to enhance the health and safety of People with Parkinson’s disease, care partners, caregivers, their households and the larger San Diego community while continuing to educate, empower and celebrate the San Diego County Parkinson’s community.


✔️ PASD and PSG leaders recommend that everyone follow the cardinal rules of public health:

▪️ Frequent and thorough hand washing.

▪️ Wearing a mask while in public.

▪️ Avoiding groups of 10 or more people.

▪️ Physical distancing (at least 6’) when others, from outside your home, are present.

▪️ Mandatory quarantine for anyone who tests positive for COVID-19.

▪️ If possible, limiting travel to areas with higher numbers of cases.

▪️ Seeking professional guidance to maintain movement, fitness, eye health, dental health, hearing and other health maintenance practices