Tremble Clefs® San Diego

Tremble Clefs is a therapeutic singing program which successfully addresses a critical symptom of Parkinson’s: communication 마블 퓨처 파이트 4.0 1 버그 판. This begins with teaching breathing, posture, movement & vocal exercises, all to music. Weekly rehearsals provide a safe environment with focus, not on Parkinson’s, but on singing 다운로드. Rhythm is also vital to the process. Warm-ups include movement to music, and music gets people moving to the beat.

But there is more to it 피노키오 8회 다운로드. Tremble Clefs offers a true life-line to many people living with Parkinson’s. In addition to teaching the tools which enhance communication, the group provides the environment for social interaction, which in turn provides the motivation to communicate 다운로드. At our rehearsals you’ll find friendship, laughter, contagious good humor and respect for one another. Tremble Clefs find that they become part of a communal effort which allows the capability of giving to others through community performance hpjmeter 4.5.

To summarize, the benefits include:

  1. Strengthening voices and communication through education and therapy techniques,
  2. Singing and the joy of making music together, and
  3. Quality of life – for many, it’s the highlight of their week and a reason to invest in their own lives 예쁜 영어 폰트 다운로드.

Tremble Clefs is a non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors. We offer our program free to anyone living with Parkinson’s, including spouses & family members 다운로드. No previous singing experience is necessary. We are also actively seeking new board members and volunteers to join our committees.

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