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What to Expect and How to Prepare for Coronavirus with Parkinson’s Disease

To our Parkinson’s Community:

On March 15th, PASD sent a letter to you all regarding COVID-19. That letter included a recommendation for using the San Diego 211 hotline for up to date information. Unfortunately, that hotline is being flooded with a very high call volume. San Diego County has since asked the community to direct any medical related question to their primary care Physician. The 211 website remains a very good resource, with the most up to date information regarding COVID-19. You can access that website by using the link below.


We are currently living in an unprecedented time of challenge coping with the world wide COVID-19 crisis.  The Parkinson’s Association of San Diego wants to provide some helpful community resources you may find useful while you navigate the challenge of taking special care to practice social distancing while ensuring all your basic needs are met. There are many wonderful groups here in San Diego that provide home delivered meals and grocery delivery to those in need. And as a reminder, all pharmacies now offer home delivery. Or better yet, ask for a 90 day supply through your insurance carrier’s mail order pharmacy! Planning ahead reduces stress in the long run. All of this information can also be found on the 211 San Diego website, but wanted to include a few of the groups below.

Non Profit Groups:


  • Meals on Wheels San Diego County
    • Home Delivered Meals
    • Phone Number: 619-260-6110
    • Website:
    • Notes: Place order days in Advance
    • Meals on Wheels is looking for more Volunteers!



  • Jewish Family Services
    • Home Delivered Meals
    • Website:
    • Phone Number: (858) 637-3210
    • Case/Care Management
    • Phone Number: (858) 637-3210
    • On-the-go (Rides limited to medical rides/grocery shopping only)
    • Phone Number: (858) 637-7320
    • JFS is looking for more Volunteers!


  • FACT
    • Transportation needs for those 60+
    • Phone Number: 888-924-3228




For Profit Restaurant Delivery Services:


*All can be ordered through computer or Smartphone App with an account.*

  • Door Dash 
  • Uber Eats 
  • Grub Hub
  • Postmates






For more information, refer to the websites listed below 바이두 판.

Abigail Lawler, MD

Medical Director, Parkinson’s Association of San Diego

March 15, 2020


There has been a lot of conflicting and rapidly changing information put out by various sources about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). This can be very distressing and confusing to many who are trying to stay safe and navigate through these tough times while living with Parkinson’s Disease. The Parkinson’s Association of San Diego would like the community to know that we are here to help provide support, education, and information resources about COVID-19 as it pertains to Parkinson’s Disease. However, for the most up to date information about COVID-19 please refer to the CDC guidelines ( or call the local San Diego Coronavirus Hotline by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone.

What is the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?
• A new coronavirus that emerged in China in December 2019 which causes primarily a respiratory disease.
• Symptoms include cough, fever and shortness of breath. COVID-19 can be severe, and some cases have caused death.
• Spread is from person to person by physical contact and droplets in air from sneezing or coughing.
• Diagnosed with a laboratory test (long Q-tip used to swab back of throat) .
• There is no coronavirus vaccine yet. Prevention involves frequent hand-washing, coughing into the bend of your elbow and staying home

Who is at risk and why all the hype?

We are all at risk (young and old) but those who are over the age of 60 and have certain underlying health problems (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic respiratory disease, hypertension, cancer) are at greater risk of becoming more severely ill and have higher associated death rates. COVID-19 is far deadlier than the seasonal Flu virus with death rates that increase by age. Currently at the time of this briefing, there are over 3000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, which is likely an underestimate given current limitations on testing. According to several epidemiological studies, as diagnostic capabilities are increased, we can expect a doubling of cases every 6 days, in the absence of substantial containment measures. Therefore, it’s possible that we could have 1 million cases in the U.S. by the end of April; 2 million by May 7; 4 million by May 13; and so on, but DON’T panic. This is just to stress the importance of taking COVID-19 seriously and to listen to advice about what you can do from healthcare providers and ultimately the CDC guidelines 다운로드.


What can you do to protect yourself while living with Parkinson’s Disease?

  • Most importantly don’t panic. Stress and anxiety will only make your Parkinson’s symptoms worse
  • Wash your hands and wash them often for at least 20 sec
  • Carry hand sanitizer to use when in public that contains at least 60% alcohol
  • Use disinfectant wipes when in public spaces; for example, wipe down grocery cart handles or surfaces that you have to touch. Avoid touching door knobs/ handles
  • Avoid touching your face
  • If you are sick or have any symptoms, stay home and avoid close contact with others who are sick
  • If you cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow
  • If you do develop symptoms and they become concerning or moderate to severe, call your primary care doctor or neurologist and if they are not available and you think that you need more immediate care, call your local urgent care or hospital ER rather than just showing up, so that you don’t potentially infect others around you. Many of the hospitals in San Diego are in the early stages of ramping up preparations for expected increased volumes of potential COVID-19 cases that will be presenting to the hospitals. There will be screening and triage tents set up at all hospitals to handle potential incoming cases. You also can contact the local San Diego Coronavirus Hotline by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone 24hrs a day/ 7 days a week.
  • Avoid non-essential travel within or outside the U.S.
  • Avoid large gatherings of people in indoor environments (meetings, seminars, events, churches, malls, stores, hospitals, nursing homes, schools etc.) and if you must, try to keep a safe distance (6 feet) from other people
  • Check your pantry and make sure that you have extra food rations and staples that you use or need on a regular basis in your home so that you don’t have to go out
  • Make sure that you have extra medicine on hand; take inventory and reorder any that are running low
  • Get an Aware in Care Kit and put the contact info of your doctors and current list of your meds inside it in the event that you need to go to the hospital so that you can inform healthcare providers about your Parkinson’s Disease special needs. If you don’t have one of these kits, they can be ordered for free from the Parkinson’s Foundation by calling 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636) or go to their website at
  • Get a medical alert card and keep it with you at all times; you can print one from the Parkinson’s Foundation website
  • Stay in touch with family, friends, neighbors or whomever your support network is via phone or email to keep people aware of how you are doing and to stay on top of changes that may be occurring in your community
  • If you do not have a strong support network, there is the “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) program for people with Parkinson’s and Care partners who have no immediate family members or friends who could consistently check on their welfare through the San Diego County Sheriffs Department and San Diego Police Department. For more info go to under senior volunteer patrol section
  • Remember that it is just as important for care partners to stay healthy as it is people who have Parkinson’s disease
  • Utilize home delivery services whenever possible; nearly all grocery stores and pharmacies have delivery options and there are other food delivery options like Uber eats and Grubhub plus groceries are available for delivery through
  • Check to see if your doctor’s office is offering Telemedicine office visits instead of going into the office. Many are offering this option where they conduct the visit via video while you are in the comfort of your own home.


For any questions, concerns, or if you are in need or someone you know is in need of assistance or more information regarding COVID-19,  we are recommending that you contact the local San Diego Coronavirus Hotline by dialing 2-1-1 from any phone or go to This hotline and website is providing up to date information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on COVID-19.


Abigail Lawler, MD

Medical Director, Parkinson’s Association of San Diego

March 15, 2020



AIS Bulletin Special Edition COVID-19

Aging & Independence Services (AIS) Bulletin on COVID-19 (coronavirus). Information for older adults and other high-risk groups is included. Please share this Bulletin widely with others. For the most current information, please visit: If you have questions pertaining to coronavirus, call 2-1-1.
Crisis Support
  • Veterans Crisis Line: Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of whom are Veterans themselves. The Veterans Crisis Line is free, confidential support, available 24/7 for all Veterans, Service members, National Guard and Reserve, and their family members and friends 다운로드.
  • Helping Others Hold On: Compared to the civilian population, suicide rates among military Service Members and Veterans are very high. This series of lessons gives tools and tips to recognize, understand, and combat suicidal feelings in Veterans. Talking about suicide can actually help a Veteran and any support they receive can make a difference in their lives.
  • S.A.V.E.: Our hope for this course is that you will become empowered to play a vital role in suicide prevention. This course was developed in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs and is presented by Dr. Megan McCarthy, Deputy Director of Suicide Prevention. You will develop a general understanding of the problem of suicide in the United States, understand how to identify a Veteran who may be at risk for suicide, and know what to do if you identify a Veteran at risk. Each of us has the opportunity to be that one person who makes a difference — the person who asks the question that can save a Veteran’s life, or the life of anyone struggling with the thoughts of suicide. Using the simple steps of S.A.V.E., we can all make a difference.



  • The American Heart Association: Ways to Get Moving: Incorporate physical activity breaks at home to help your kids get their recommended 60 minutes or more of physical activity a day.
  • The Cooper Institute: Students participating in the FitnessGram assessment gain a better understanding of their own health-related fitness. Schools that include the FitnessGram assessment in their physical education programs are better equipped to meet student fitness needs and teach healthy habits that will last well into the future.


Financial Support

  • Gary Sinise Foundation: Any military service members, Veterans, first responders, and their families affected by COVID-19 can apply for financial assistance through an initiative of the Foundation’s Relief and Resiliency program, called H.O.P.E. (heal, overcome, persevere, and excel).

Food Insecurity & Recipes

 Fun Ideas While at Home

  • 12 Museums around the World that offer Virtual Tours: Google Arts & Culture collection includes the British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Guggenheim in New York City, and literally hundreds of  more places where you can gain knowledge about art, history, and science. This collection is especially good for students who are looking for ways to  stay on top of their studies while schools are closed.
  • Virtual Field Trips: Virtual field trips are a great way to expose kids to new places all from the comfort of home. In this age of technology, so many museums, zoos, and aquariums have set up virtual tours and webcams of their facilities. Now more than ever, is it easier to visit destinations around the world from the comfort of your couch.
  • Online Workout Resources: These are the 50 best resources for free online workouts that make it easy for you to exercise at home. Whether you have just a few minutes for a quick core workout, or if you’d like to join a month-long daily yoga challenge, there is something here that will help you exercise at home.
  • What to Watch, Listen to, and Cook During Quarantine: You are staying home and you need a distraction 다운로드. The New York Times updates this recommendation list every weekday.

Healthcare Support

  • Alcoholic Anonymous: Browse the Online Meeting Directories. Email, chat, audio, and forums meetings in a variety of languages are in progress.
  • Centers for Disease Control: The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Coping with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs: Call your VA Medical Center before going to a clinic, urgent care, or emergency room, especially if you have symptoms of fever, cough and shortness of breath. Calling first helps us protect you, medical staff, and other patients. Ask your VA health care team about the option of care by phone or video instead of an in-person visit. We also ask that visitors who feel unwell postpone their visits to VA facilities. Visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the latest coronavirus information. You can also read about VA’s public health response.
  • National Institutes of Health: NIH provides the most up-to-date research information on COVID-19 and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.


Online Caregivers Support/Community


  • Hidden Heroes: If you are a military caregiver, we encourage you to connect with a community of your peers via Hidden Heroes’ secure Facebook group and Caregiver Q&A, to share experiences and advice with those who’ve been there. They also offer access to educational online courses to help you through the challenges of caregiving.
  • Operation Family Caregiver: Operation Family Caregiver can be delivered to caregivers anywhere in the United States via video conferencing,  phone, or in-person in several locations. Complete and send the referral form to their national office, or contact one of these sites to learn more about how Operation Family Caregiver might help you. Reaching out is a sign of strength.
  • Hope For The Warriors: Hope for the Warriors understands the challenges, pride, and joy of being a military family 삼성 리커버리 솔루션 8 다운로드. For today, tomorrow, and years to come, we will strive to meet the changing needs of service members and their families.
  • VA Caregiver Support: VA’s National Caregiver Support Line (CSL) serves as a primary resource/referral center to assist caregivers, Veterans, and others seeking caregiver information. VA’s Caregiver Support Line has licensed caring professionals standing by.



  • PsychArmor: The United States is home to more than 5.5 million military caregivers. Sponsored by The USAA Foundation, Inc., PsychArmor offers courses to help caregivers balance their duties and need for self-care.  This library of 45+ courses provides information, resources, and strategies on how to manage the demands and stressors of caregiving.


Tribute Wall

This is a special place where we honor, remember, and celebrate the lives touched by Parkinson’s disease. Remembrances received as of 3/29/2020

If you’d like to make a Tribute to someone, please click here. 

PASD Postpones 5K Step by Step Walk


After careful assessment of the Corona virus situation, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego is postponing its 5K Step by Step Walk that was scheduled for Saturday, April 4th at Liberty Station. 

We have received tremendous response for this event and we appreciate everything that everyone has done to support it to date. Going forward, we will let you know as soon as we are able to determine a new date for the Walk.

All donations, sponsorships and individual and team registration information will be retained and re-activated relative to the new date. 

Understandingly, if needed and you would like a refund, please contact us and we will accommodate.

Thank you again for your terrific support, as it enables us to continue to provide critical resources for those in San Diego County that have, or are impacted by, Parkinson’s disease.

Also, while we are waiting to be able to confirm a new date for the Walk in the coming months, if you’d like to register or make a contribution, please call this number: 858 200 7277.

To see event details, team information, donate, or volunteer, please visit:

Thank you.


Good Start Program 2020

View this video to Learn More About the Parkinson’s Association of
San Diego Good Start Program
Click on the logo below to view the Presentation. 

The next Good Start Program date is to be determined and details will be posted here.

Dolomite Fundraising Trek 2020


As a result of the current virus situation we are waiting to make a decision regarding the Trek. Please check back here for updates.

This 8 night, nine day mountainous hike in Northern Italy is to empower those with Parkinson’s disease to know “THEY CAN” and to inspire others around the world with Parkinson’s to do more than they ever thought possible! This adventure will take place from September 5 to September 13th, 2020. Training for the hike will begin in April with a kickoff hike at Lake Poway. We will stay in a combination of mountain “Refugios” (huts) and in small hotels sprinkled throughout the Dolomite mountains 다운로드. Whether you hike with us virtually (we will tell you how) or join us in Italy this effort will reward you with power, friendships and a huge sense of accomplishment for years to come. We are so proud to be raising money for the wonderful Parkinson’s Association of San Diego….not only will we be healing ourselves but our altruistic endeavors will reward this wonderful community we live in. JOIN US!

Please donate to the event and/or sponsor a hiker

Video Exercise Series For Parkinson’s Patients




First month now ONLY $6.50! offers a collection of exercise videos specifically created for people with Parkinson’s Disease. The exercises are designed to help those with PD: improve balance, gain strength, increase flexibility and mobility, and slow the progression of their PD symptoms, through exercise. With Exercises For Parkinson’s, you are now able to get a workout in while traveling, from the comfort of your own home, and at any time of the day.


“This is a valuable service to a community of people that are motivated to move and learn new ways of moving in order to fight the progression of a debilitating disease.”
-Tracy Park, MPT


One Membership. New Videos Added Every Month. Unlimited Access to a Variety of Workout Videos.


50% of Proceeds Go To Non-Profit Organizations Supporting those Living with Parkinson’s Disease.


*Use Promo Code: PARKINSONSASSOCIATION at checkout and get 50% Off your first month.

Join Now



In order to assist with the COVID-19 crisis, FACT is offering free transportation for San Diego residents for any essential need through April 15, 2020.

Seniors, persons with disabilities, students, veterans and other residents who need assistance, may call FACT at 888-924-3228 between 8am and 3pm, Monday through Friday, to request free transportation anywhere in San Diego County.

FACT is closely monitoring the Coronavirus COVID-19 public health crisis and is engaging in proactive steps to ensure that we protect our riders, contractors and employees.

Riders are reminded to: (1) refrain from unnecessary travel, (2) cover your coughs and sneezes, and (3) wash hands frequently with soap and warm water, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 다운로드.

PASD Program/Services Brochure 2020

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to Download/Print




Empowerment Day 2019

Empowerment day and all other PASD programs occur as a result of your amazing generosity! Please consider donating if you would like to further assist those in the San Diego community that are impacted by Parkinson’s Disease

 Click here to donate


The day set records for number of attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors!

Thank you all for making this possible!

Click here for videos, speaker presentations, and powerpoints!

Image Gallery


View images from the event below


We knocked Parkinson’s out of the park thanks to you!


Sunset Soiree October 5, 2019 


See the Sunset Soiree video below.



To see more photos, Click here. 

Vendors, see your pics here.


Thank you for your support!


Parkinson’s Association

Until and after a Cure is Found…
Please Help Us Maximize our Support Efforts!

Empowerment Day 2018!

In conjunction with its partners and sponsors, the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego holds a full day symposium each year of presentations, education and exhibits regarding Parkinson’s disease 어노인팅 2018 다운로드.

It is a very positive day of Learning, Sharing and Empowering one’s self and each other. This short 1:39 video captures of the essence of the November 30, 2018 Empowerment Day Event.

Videos and pictures of the speakers, their powerpoints, pictures and presentation materials follow this video and/or are posted on our website. For more information, please call 858-999-5671.

Click here to see pictures and videos of the event.

Click here for presenters videos and more pictures…

Parkinson’s Association of San Diego offers critical resources to thousands of individuals who are affected by Parkinson’s disease right here in San Diego County.

Your help is critical to sustain our outreach and our ability to serve the community. All contributions remain in the County to support Parkinson’s patients as well as help local caregivers and families of those in need.

Parkinson’s Association

October 6, 2018

A HUGE thank you to all who contributed to the success of the “Knock-Out” Parkinson’s gala on Saturday, October 6 at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla. The event was an overwhelming success. Keynote speaker Rasheda Ali gave an inspiring presentation to the overflow crowd of over 330 attendees.

CBS Channel 8 News Anchor Carlo Cecchetto, emceed the evening that included tributes to Dr. Dee Silver for a Lifetime Achievement and several other San Diego Parkinson’s Community leaders. The live and silent auctions added to the excitement of the evening 다운로드.

      for Parkinson’s

November 30, 2018

Parkinson’s Association of San Diego, in conjunction with its partners and sponsors, holds a full day of presentations, education, and exhibits about Parkinson’s disease. Come for a fun day of Learning, Sharing and Empowering yourself and each other. Videos, pictures and presentation materials for previous events are available.

Fox Sports
Rock Steady Boxing


AudAbility Music Therapy

MusicWorx provides multiple opportunities for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s, their families, and Care Partners through AudAbility.

AudAbility is a music therapy protocol that focuses on increasing quality of life, improving speech and breath control, maintaining motor movement, and so much more!

Learn More…

Alzheimer’s San Diego

The Parkinson’s Association of San Diego maintains a partnership with Alzheimer’s San Diego.

Learn More…

Rock Steady Boxing

“Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) enables people with Parkinson’s to fight their disease by providing non-contact boxing-style fitness programs that improve their quality-of-life and sense of efficacy and self-worth.

Recent studies also suggest that intense exercise programs may be “neuro-protective,” actually working to delay the progression of symptoms.

Lean More…

National Parkinson’s Organizations

Thanks To Our Sponsors and Partners


Alan Alda reveals he has Parkinson’s disease today on CBS News
Alan Alda reveals he has Parkinson’s disease today on CBS News

베가스 13 크랙 Alda says  “I decided to let people know I have Parkinson’s to encourage others to take action. I was Diagnosed 3 and a half years ago, but my life is full 다운로드. I act, I give talks, I do my podcast, which I love. If you get a diagnosis, keep...

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