2017 Strategies

Parkinson’s Association – Strategies for 2017 and Beyond

July 17, 2017

Mission:  Optimize the quality of life for people affected by Parkinson’s disease with programs and services that enhance Mind, Movement and Morale

Vision: Continue to be the leading Parkinson’s resource in San Diego County, setting a standard for education, support groups, information and referral, evidence based exercise programs, community events, social opportunities, compassion and encouragement

The following is a list of strategies that the Association’s Board affirms that the organization is uniquely positioned to continue to provide, or should plan to provide for the balance of 2017 and beyond. The critical overall goal is to assure that these eleven strategies are in place so that the Association can continue to be the GO TO ORGANIZATION in San Diego County for people with Parkinson’s, their families, caregivers and for on-going engagement with other interested parties.

  1. Promote and perpetuate the Parkinson’s Association as the initial informational point of contact for existing and newly diagnosed individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The purpose is to provide an overview of services and assistance that are available for them, family members and caregivers
  2. Maintain existing relations with all current Support Groups that are in existence and provide assistance to them.  Assist in the creation and support of new groups.  Also, provide assistance to all support groups to enable them to establish additional resources to meet the needs of their members
  3. Maintain an active website and communications strategy with local agencies, media and other entities to keep those affected apprised of all critical information relating to the disease
  4. Maintain and advertise all the local seminars and groups that host and/or sponsor disease related information and education
  5. Continue contacts with medical resources though out the county, as well as other key entities outside the area. Included will be local hospitals, medical centers, neurologists, medical personnel, Center(s) of excellence, advocates and other entities that relate to the disease
  6. Continue as the organization for the first point of contact with national and world wide Parkinson’s foundations, organizations, and other related entities that impact on the disease
  7. Maintain publications, reports and library materials from national and other world-wide organizations for use by those affected by Parkinson’s. Maintain up-to-date resources of the latest information relating to all aspects of the disease, such as research studies, caregiver and family information
  8. 8. Maintain existing and establish new relationships with relevant government, health and human services and other agencies/organizations that relate to Parkinson’s disease.
  9. Provide a Speakers Bureau for seminars, events and other community undertakings
  10. Identify training and other support resources for groups and facilitators that are related to the cause
  11. Act as a clearing house for ideas, tips, tricks and best practices that would benefit interested parties.