Parkinson’s Association

Of San Diego

As the leading Parkinson’s resource in San Diego County, the association provides information and referral services, education, support groups, evidence-based exercise programs, community events, social opportunities, compassion and encouragement.

All your contributions stays local in San Diego County.

ANNUAL REPORT Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD)

Understanding Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is included in a group of neurological conditions referred to as motor system disorders. Parkinson’s was first called “the shaking palsy” by British doctor James Parkinson in 1817. It is estimated that seven to 10 million people worldwide have Parkinson’s disease. Researchers found that a minimum of 930,000 people in the United States will be living with Parkinson’s by the year 2020. This number will rise to 1.2 million by 2030.

For those with Parkinson’s, the brain cells that produce the chemical dopamine have been affected, making patients unable to control their movements. Motor symptoms such as trembling, rigidity, slowness of movement and postural instability normally appear. Non-motor symptoms can include depression, anxiety, increased sweating, low blood pressure when standing, loss of sense of smell, internal tremor and changes in thinking.

Our Mission

Optimize the quality of life for San Diego County residents, their care partners and families that are affected by Parkinson’s disease with programs and services that enhance Mind, Movement and Morale.

Our Programs & Services

The Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD) has recently re-assessed its purpose and function regarding the best approach to assisting thousands of San Diego County residents and their care partners who either have or are affected by Parkinson’s disease (PD). PASD has strategically developed and implemented the following portfolio of programs and services to accomplish this goal.

Information, Resource Identification and Communications

PASD uses the following methods to keep the San Diego Parkinson’s community fully informed

• Website – serves as a full resource center
• E-Blasts to PD community
• E-mail Communications
• Facebook posts
• Phone calls
• Information and Referral (I & R) service
• Presentations at PD related meetings and events

Education and Training
  • Annual Empowerment Day
    PASD conducts an annual “Empowerment Day” – a full-day educational Parkinson’s Symposium, co-produced with other key medical and pharmaceutical entities. The last symposium – filled to capacity with 300 attendees – featured 14 speakers who presented on a wide array of PD-related topics. Service providers and support groups, including 10 pharmaceutical companies, participated in the event. Many also supported PASD as event sponsors.
  • Medical Integrated Program for Neurology – Step by Step for Parkinson’s
    This program, held at the Tri City Wellness Center, commenced in 2017. It is a partnership between PASD and the Tri City Wellness Center. Group exercise, forced pace cycling, yoga, chair yoga, aqua classes, tai chi, qi gong and Pilates are offered. In addition, the curriculum includes dance with Parkinson’s classes, lectures by experts in the field and social activities.
  • Good Start Program
    This program, designed specifically for those individuals and their care partners who have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, commenced in March 2018. The goal of the program – offered at no cost to participants –
    is to help ameliorate the fear and anxiety associated with a new diagnosis of PD by providing accurate information and support resources. Information about the program launch and frequent ongoing sessions is communicated to neurologists, movement disorder specialists and related medical sources, as well as Parkinson’s support groups, service providers and the general community.
Special Needs Assistance
  • Transportation
    In late 2017, PASD conducted a study of the needs of the people with PD and their care partners. A review of the findings indicated that many people with PD and their care partners were either unaware of the transportation services that currently exist or unable to afford them. PASD met with representatives from Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT) to seek solutions to the problem. As a result, PASD and FACT launched a pilot program to provide low cost transportation to Parkinson’s patients and their caregivers within San Diego County. The service is available for those needing transportation to medical appoints, support groups and PD related community events.
  • Medical Support Devices & Equipment
    PASD has a special relationship with a local moving and storage company. People can donate these items that can help assist in the management of Parkinson’s disease. The company will pick up the items (or people can drop them off) and store them. When callers with PD that need these items call PASD, they are routed to the company and can get these items at no charge.
Support Groups, Rock Steady Boxing, Resounding Joy, Tremble Clefs and other PD service-based entities

PASD assists over 15 service-based entities such as Rock Steady Boxing, Resounding Joy and Tremble Clefs. In addition, PASD facilitates information sharing and coordination of some activities to maximize resources and avoid duplication of services.

PASD works closely with existing PD Support Groups and convenes monthly Support Group Leaders’ meetings. The creation of new support groups to unserved areas within the County is also a top priority for PASD.

Another way PASD supports the PD community is through its “Quick Grant” program that allows PD service entities to request a grant for up to $1,000 for their Parkinson’s programming. As PASD revenue streams increase, the intent is to also increase the amount of available funding.

Partnership Development

PASD is developing a partnership with the Parkinson’s SidekicksTM program with the Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson’s and Lundbeck, a global pharmaceutical company that is committed to helping people who are living with brain disorders, including Parkinson’s. SidekicksTM is an intergenerational program that brings together youth and people with Parkinson’s to share their stories in fun and creative ways that promote mutual understanding and foster connection.

Our Approach

To sustain and expand these vital programs, and also create new services, PASD conducts special event fundraisers including a 5k walk, Gala and a bi-annual golf tournament. In addition, PASD acquires funding through various channels such as planned giving and an annual giving campaign. Individual, corporate and foundation giving, as well as proposal writing bring additional resources to the Association to meet needs. Also, many people just simply contribute to the cause. All sources of funding stay strictly within San Diego County to assist residents in need.

Upcoming Events & Fundraisers

The latest schedule of events and fundraising activities is available on the PASD website

Your Support

If you would like to contribute to the Parkinson’s community in San Diego County please visit our website at or contact PASD directly.

Contact information

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Executive Director
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