Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD)


Services, Programs, Support Methods and Contact Information

As of 6/04/2018


Mission: Optimize the quality of life for San Diego County residents, their care partners and families that are affected by Parkinson’s disease with programs and services that enhance Mind, Movement and Morale

Over the past year the PASD has completely re-assessed its purpose and function with regard to the best methods of providing assistance to 1000’s of San Diego County residents, their care partners and loved ones who either have or are affected by Parkinson’s disease (PD). The Association has strategically established and implemented the following portfolio of services and programs (in business terminology – its “product line”) to accomplish this Mission.

1. Information, Resource Identification and Communications

PASD uses the following methods to make information available to the Parkinson’s community

Website (full resource center)-

E-Blasts (at least once every 10 days to 12,000 recipients)

E-mails (constant monitoring and response)

Facebook (posts regularly)

Phone calls (constant monitoring and response)

Information and Referral (I & R) service (constant monitoring & response)

Presentations (ongoing updates provided at various meetings)


2. Education and Training

PASD has provided support for and conducted the following programs:

Empowerment Day

On December 3, 2017, an educational day long Parkinson’s Symposium was co-produced with other key medical and pharmaceutical entities that featured 14 speakers on a wide array of PD topics. The symposium was full to capacity attendance (300) and will be held again in 2018 on November 30. 20 Pharmaceutical companies and other PD related service providers and support groups participated in and/or sponsored the event. The speaker presentations and power points are on the PASD website.

Medical Integrated Program for Neurology – Step by Step for Parkinson’s

This program commenced in 2017 and is being held at the Tri City Wellness Center. It is a partnership between PASD and the Tri City Wellness Center. Currently with 48 participants; more group classes have been added to accommodate the wait list. Group exercise, forced pace cycling four days/week, yoga, chair yoga, aqua classes, tai chi, qi gong, Pilates, lectures by experts in the field, social activities and dance with Parkinson’s are among the activities contained within the program’s curriculum.

The Good Start Program

This program commenced operation at noon on March 12, 2018 with 40 participants. This is a program specifically created for those individuals and their care partners who have been recently diagnosed with PD. The goal is to remove the fear and anxiety associated with a new diagnosis of PD by providing accurate information and support to all participants. Information announcing the advent of the program has gone out to neurologists, movement disorder specialists and other appropriate medical sources, as well as Parkinson’s support groups, service providers and the general community. The last presentation was on Monday, April 16 at noon at the Tri City Wellness Center and had 53 attendees. More sessions and locations are being planned. The next session is scheduled for 6/6/2018 at Vi in La Jolla. Please call PASD (858-999-5671) for further information.


3. Special Needs Assistance


Equipment & Service Exchange

PASD has a special relationship with a local moving and storage company. People can donate mobility and other devices that can help people with Parkinson’s disease. The company will pick up the items (or people can drop them off) and store them. When callers with PD that need these items call PASD, they are routed to the company and will get these items at no charge.


In the fall of 2017, PASD conducted a study of the needs of the people with PD and their care partners. A review of the findings indicated that many people with PD and their care partners were unaware of the transportation services that currently exist. PASD met with representatives from FACT (Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation) to seek solutions to the problem. The following steps are being enacted immediately to impact on the situation: 1/ Information regarding the Transportation service has been decimated at Support group meetings 2/ FACT also provided free transportation to and from the PASD Step by Step 5 K Walk that was held on 4/8/2018 and 3/ e-blasts and public relations press releases and announcements focusing on the PD community, are being sent about the FACT services that are available.

Additional ways to increase the amount of services and lower the costs are also being explored.

4. Support Groups, Rock Steady Boxing, Resounding Joy, Tremble Clefs and other PD service-based entities

PASD has commenced the convening of joint meetings of Support Group leaders for the purpose of maximizing coordination and communication efforts and to avoid unnecessary duplication.

The creation of new support groups to unserved areas within the County is a top priority for PASD.

A “Quick Grant” program is provided that allows PD Support groups and service entities to request a grant for up to $1000 from PASD to meet needs identified that will assist in enhancing their Parkinson’s programming. As PASD revenue streams increase, the intent is to increase the amount of funding available accordingly.

Marketing methods used to support the provision of Services and Programs.   

PASD utilizes the following methods to raise funds and other types of support, to enable the provision of the aforementioned services and programs. All funds raised stay in San Diego County to assist residents in need and existing services/programs will be expanded and new services/programs commenced as funding increases.


Annual Walk                                               Individual Gifts

Golf Tournament                                       Annual Giving Program

Planned Giving                                          Direct Mail Campaign

Contributions                                            Donations

Corporate and Foundation support      In-kind contributions

Special Events                                           Gala

Save the Dates: Knock Out Parkinson’s Gala, Saturday October 6 and Empowerment Day, Friday, November 30

The 2019 Step by Step Walk will be Sunday, April 7


Parkinson’s Association of San Diego (PASD)

Contact Information (as of 6/04/2018)

Chris Buscher
Executive Director
Cell: 858-999-5671

Diane Ailor
Marketing Coordinator
Cell: 858-999-5671


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