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New Information on the 2021 Dolomite Trek (as of 12/22/2020)
Please see Sherrie’s Gould’s letter below the picture.


We've raised $13,608.00 so far!


Dear Italian Trekkers…..

Taking a bold step here and who knows, it may or may not happen but at least we can put a date on the calendar and think positively that we will all be vaccinated by early to late spring (as well as the rest of the world, at least Italy).

If it is not 100% safe we will cancel this trip as well and shoot for 2022 but I think right now we ALL need something to look forward to, something to start training for, to get excited about!!!!!!!!!!!

So the new dates are September 18th to September 26th….eight nights in the beautiful Dolomite mountains.  Our official team training hikes will begin in June or possibly July depending on the status of the vaccines and general immunity in our community.

Our trekking company is looking at the refugios and reserving all of them along the way. We will have eight nights in either refugios or small italian hotels….mountains!  beautiful scenery!  friendship! exercise!  training!  international travel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The total number on this trek will be 30, not 32 as I previously thought.  So all of you get first dibs on your spot and then I will reach out to our wonderful Parkinson’s community and invite others.  Don’t forget we are hiking for a wonderful cause…to raise money for the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego….

Feel to reach out with any questions.

With that, please everyone be safe this holiday season…we have SO MUCH to look forward to in 2021!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love and appreciation for each of you,


Dolomite Trek 2021

This 8 night, nine day mountainous hike in Northern Italy is to empower those with Parkinson’s disease to know “THEY CAN” and to inspire others around the world with Parkinson’s to do more than they ever thought possible! This adventure will take place in July 2021. Training for the hike will begin in February 2021 with a kickoff hike at Lake Poway.

We will stay in a combination of mountain “Refugios” (huts) and in small hotels sprinkled throughout the Dolomite mountains. Whether you hike with us virtually (we will tell you how) or join us in Italy this effort will reward you with power, friendships and a huge sense of accomplishment for years to come.

We are so proud to be raising money for the wonderful Parkinson’s Association of San Diego….not only will we be healing ourselves but our altruistic endeavors will reward this wonderful community we live in. JOIN US!

The costs...

The cost for this adventure will be approximately $1800 USD not including flights, insurance, personal things etc. The cost DOES include pickup and drop off from Venice Italy, English speaking guides as well as all breakfasts and dinners (lunch you are on your own).


Our focus for fundraising this year will be for LOCAL Parkinson’s services offered by the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego. Each trekker will be asked to raise a minimum of $2000 between now and July of 2021. Any trekker can chose to pay this amount personally if they do not want to fundraise (but it really IS fun and people really want to support us all!).

Can't make it?

If you can not join us in Italy (due to space availability or otherwise) you can be a VIRTUAL hiker with your own fundraising page. Choose that physical goal you have always wanted to accomplish –  something you are NOT doing now but will train for and complete in July 2021!!!! Contact us and we will help you set this up!


Sherrie Gould and Jeff Seckendorf

Courage, determination and commitment are three big words to describe what I see everyday in clinic and more importantly on mountain tops around the world. Courage to say “I can,” determination to believe “they can,” and commitment to “make it happen” by training for months before a climb. We climb to raise money for great Parkinson’s causes but more importantly we climb because we KNOW that exercise is medicine – exercise as challenging as it can be for people with Parkinson’s is the antidote to the stiffness, slowness, tremor and poor balance in Parkinson’s Disease….(read more)


$2,300.00 Donated

Alexander & Becky Trepte

I had a slight tremor in my left hand in 2010. Certain that it was nothing, and then it was something. I was fully diagnosed in 2013. It was Parkinson’s but the progression was thankfully, slow. I was only able to take one medication. As my tremor progressed to my right hand and jaw, I decided to have two Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries just a few months apart… (read more)

$51.00 Donated

Mindy Bixby

My name is Dr. Mindy Bixby and I am a movement disorder specialist working in the neurology division at Scripps Health in San Diego.
I am participating in the Italian Dolomite Treks to build awareness of the importance of moving our bodies and creating a healthy community. 


$50.00 Donated

John and Julie Crawford

John is a lifelong backpacker and trekker frequently joined by his wife, Julie, during the past 40 years. When diagnosed a few years ago with PD, he didn’t let that stop him from finishing his one-item bucket list, hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail. Next is the Dolomites!


$0 Donated

Lisa Graham

I am hiking in honor of my Dad, who persevered for many years with Parkinson’s. He walked five miles every morning, becoming a well-recognized and beloved member of his community. A wave and “hello” from Jack was a part of everyone’s morning. It was inspiring to witness his zest for life in the face of his illness. I am hiking to raise funds for the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego…(read more)


$0 Donated

Pam Melody

I am very excited to hike the Dolomites with Sherrie and our fellow hikers. It’s going to be challenging physically, yet who better than to experience it with than this group of ambitious people! I’d never have an opportunity like this if it weren’t for Sherrie who pulls us all together to give us the experience and to continue supporting the Parkinson’s Association.


$2,200.00 Donated

Tess Reed

I was diagnosed on March 15, 2019. Sixty years is the average age of onset and I had just turned 60 years old the month before. The Parkinson’s Association of San Diego was there for me “to provide programs and services that enhance mind, movement and morale…(read more)


$311.00 Donated

Elena Andrews

Ciao tutti!
Thank you for coming to my donation page! This is my third hiking adventure with my Power Over Parkinson’s! friends. After tackling Machu Picchu and the Camino Santiago I’m ready to head up the Dolomites in Italy in September 2020

(read more)


$100.00 Donated

Francie Barron

Buen Camino! That was the phrase I sang in 2018 when I first trekked with the irrepressible Sherri and some of the most amazing Parkinson’s patients and caregivers I have ever met. I was introduced to this group through my high school friend’s stepfather, Jim. He has Parkinson’s and was unable to go on the first trek Sherri ever organized…(read more)


$0 Donated

Marilyn Hanes

Originally I was excited to be a part of this as my father had suffered from PD in the 80’s and the treatment then was so limited it was heart breaking to watch an otherwise healthy person be so debilitated. Participating in the last 2 treks has been very rewarding and reinforced my original reason for hiking…(read more)


$0 Donated

Beverly Blessent and Dave Siino

My husband Dave was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease over 10 years ago. He is a daily inspiration to me as he never gives up, stays positive, and continues to exercise regularly. In honor of him and all the other victims of this progressive disease I will be hiking in the Dolomites in fall 2020 as part of a fundraising effort to support the local Parkinson’s Association of San Diego. This is a fabulous non-profit organization who provides support, education and hope to the local Parkinson’s community in the San Diego region. (read more) 


$0 Donated

Dawn Van Dyke

I am so proud to be associated with this organization! As a long-time supporter of the ongoing research for the treatment and cure of Parkinson’s, I am thrilled to be a part of the 2020 Dolomites Trek to raise money for the cause. I am inspired by those who are valiantly fighting this disease… those who had no choice in the matter, but who persevere relentlessly with grace and grit. By taking the proverbial “steps” necessary to get your attention, my goal is not only to raise money, but also to uplift the spirits and support…(read more)


$0 Donated

Pauline Wightman & Kathryn Mengerink

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 7 years ago. Medications only treat the symptoms—there is no cure and nothing to slow the progression. To fight back against the disease I stay as active as possible and challenge myself physically with activities such as hiking the Dolomites…(read more)


$4,002.00 Donated

Missy (Melissa) Paskoski

My name is Missy (Melissa) Paskoski. I am a retired high school counselor living in Park City, Utah. I have several friends with Parkinson’s disease and see that the need for continuous research, education, awareness, and programs for them is vital to their health and well being. I had the privilege to hike 75 miles in October 2018 along the Camino de Santiago in Spain with several of these friends.(read more)


$1,854.00 Donated

Claire Andrews


I am hiking for my mama, Elena Andrews.

Mom was diagnosed about 8 years ago. She inspires me consistently by her determination and dedication to her faith, exercise, and not giving up or giving in. My mom is a fighter!

She is a regular at Rock Steady boxing. Mom recently became a coach for boxing other people with Parksinson’s…(read more)


$240.00 Donated

Be a Corporate Sponsor!

If you’d like to be a corporate sponsor of the entire Dolomite Trek – click here for further information.(read more)


$2,500.00 Donated

Christina Dinh

Christina is a Physical Therapist in Encinitas at Scripps Memorial Hospital working with people with neurological conditions. She also runs an exercise group as well as a hiking group for people with Parkinson’s…(read more)


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$308.00 2020-12-12
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Pat McDonnell

$50.00 2020-03-16
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Dave and April Leonard

$100.00 2020-03-15

Have an amazing hike!

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Peggy McNamara

$100.00 2020-03-13

Thank you Missy for all that you are doing for Parkinson's Disease. My mother and grandmother both had it and I hope for a cure some day! … Read more

Thank you Missy for all that you are doing for Parkinson's Disease. My mother and grandmother both had it and I hope for a cure some day! Love you my friend, Peggy

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Trish and Steve Blostin Blostin

$50.00 2020-03-12

All the best ! Trish and Steve Blostin

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angelina bertran-harris

$100.00 2020-03-10

Walk it through, up, down and around! Go Elena!!!!

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Judy Davidson

$36.00 2020-03-09
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$2,500.00 2020-03-09
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Jeff Harbison

$50.00 2020-03-06

What a great trip - the Dolomites have been on my list for a while! Have fun!

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Marion Boland

$100.00 2020-02-27

Such a worthwhile fundraiser! Thanks for doing this. xoxo

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$2,000.00 2020-02-24
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Joan Raulston

$100.00 2020-02-24

A message from Sherrie Gould.

With Kilimanjaro, Everest, Machu Picchu and Camino de Santiago behind us, the mountains are once again calling our names! They are waiting there patiently for our arrival, this time to the Dolomite mountains in Northern Italy for a 8 night 9 day strenuous hike…BECAUSE WE CAN and because we will not allow Parkinson’s disease to define who we are and limit the lofty goals we choose to achieve!

WE believe in fundraising for worthy causes, sometimes research, sometimes services and this time our team’s fundraising energy will go to the Parkinson’s Association of San Diego with so much appreciation for all they do for our local Parkinson’s community!

Whether you join us in Italy in September of 2020 or choose to do a virtual hike we want YOU on our team!