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Guided DBS Programing – Boston Scientific

What is Image Guided Programming?

As you think about your DBS options, it is important to consider the programming of the device. The programming of the device – how your therapy is set-up, delivered, and maintained over time – ensures you are receiving therapy that meets your needs.

Typically, DBS programming is perfected over time. Getting to a point in the therapy that balances symptoms and side-effects can take quite some time and is achieved over many programming sessions.

​We have accepted the challenge to improve this process. Our solution: Image Guided Programming (IGP). IGP provides your physician the ability to see exactly where your leads are located and exactly where your stimulation needs to be delivered.

Collected images are evaluated to see the exact location of your leads.
The images are loaded into the programming software and therapy is
programmed precisely – based on the location of your leads. ​

We hear often – How do you know the leads are in the right place? Or if my condition changes, can my therapy change too?

Image Guided Programming (IGP) answers both questions.
​When your device is programmed with IGP you may spend less time in your programming sessions.* A recent study of 10 patients showed an initial programming time of 20 minutes; this is less than half the time typically spent in a session. The study concluded that Image-Guided Programming drastically reduces programming time without compromising symptom control and patient satisfaction.1

If you are interested in learning more, please go to www.dbsandme.com or contact Anna Manor, DBS Therapy Consultant at anna.manor@bsci.com or 619-346-5742.

1. Lange F, Steigerwald F, Malzacher T, Brandt GA, Odorfer TM, Roothans J, Reich MM, Fricke P, Volkmann J, Matthies C and Capetian PD (2021) Reduced Programming Time and Strong Symptom Control Even in Chronic Course Through Imaging-Based DBS Programming. Front. Neurol. 12:785529. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2021.785529