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Research Project for Reducing Hand and Finger Tremors


I email you requesting information and volunteers interested in helping with a project for reducing hand and finger tremors. We are a group of researchers from the Technical University of Denmark, working on a new technology that could potentially be applied for patients with hand tremors, particularly patients suffering Parkinson’s or Essential Tremor disease.

We have the technology required to develop the product. But researching the market we have found several companies already addressing this problem. We want to know how useful these products are for patients, what are the main barriers for people using them, and what is the clinical view on devices like these ones. I leave some examples as a reference below:

Readi-Steadi https://www.readi-steadi.com/

Tremelo https://fivemicrons.com/products/tremelo/

GyroGlove https://gyrogear.co/gyroglove

Steadi-Two https://steadiwear.com/

What we need is people that can give us their opinion and point of view, from patients, doctors, nurses, patient families, and people involved in the industry. 

Essentially, what we want is to help people with hand tremors to have a better life quality by using non-invasive technology on a wearable device.

If you could give me an overview of your foundation/association opinion and your own opinion on this technology and its positive impact, I would really appreciate it.

I would be thankful if you can refer this email to doctors, patients, family members, clinicians, within your network potentially interested in helping with this project by replying to this email, doing a survey, or allowing us to interview them. 

Anybody involved in the industry has a valuable opinion for us, so I appreciate it if you can spread this email across your network.

It would mean a huge difference for us, and it would allow us to come up with the best possible solution. But we need to know if patients see this as valuable and would like these products to be improved with smaller size and better control.

Thank you very much for your time. I appreciate it if you give priority to this email as we are trying to go through the market research on this opportunity and we are still discussing it against another industrial application for the next 10 days.

Thank you for your help. We will continue trying to create a positive impact for people and society.

Best regards,

Entrepreneurship Department at DTU

Glove 21 Project


P.S. We have decided this email to be the point of contact for this project 213098. So, if you are interested in giving your valuable opinion, participating in a survey, or an interview about it, you can email us to the following email. s213098@dtu.dk Thank you again.